Andrew Sharpe

I’m Andrew Sharpe. I’m 36 and live in Kansas City. I created this blog to share personal insights, updates, and whatever I want.

It’s hard to sum up your life in a bio. I wear lots of different hats. Here are some of them:

– I’m a Christian and on Prayer Room Staff at the International House of Prayer.

– I’m a digital marketer and run several different blogs and social media accounts.

– I’m an entrepreneur at heart and like to try new things

– I love backpacking and overnight hikes

– I’d like to take a shot at acting at some point in my life 😉

– I’m also single but would like to get married and settle down in a few years. I have stuff I want to do first but when it happens in happens.

I’m not sure what this project will turn into but feel free to leave a comment.

Twitter: Andrew Sharpe

LinkedIn: Andrew Sharpe

Instagram: Andrew Sharpe